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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the West Buncombe Baptist Association [serial]"

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^| ] OF THE >"■. / 

1 Sixth Annual Session 


Wtzt Itmrnmh? Sapttat 
i 1 Assnrattnn 

A i v* •„ :. HELD WITH - : 

Ziau TJftU lapttat 0Il|urj:I| 

*vY""V'' LEICESTER, N. C. 

August 4th, 5th and 6th, 1914 



Sixth Annual Session 


Wtst lunrnmfap Sapttai 


Hum ^ili SapttBt (Cijurrlf 

August 4th, 5th and 6th, 1914 


ELDER W. N. MARTIN Moderator 

J. R. TEAGUE Clerk 

R. W. POORE Treasurer 

W. N. MARTIN Historian 

Ministerial Registry. 

W. N. MARTIN Leicester, N. C, R. 1 

T. D. LANNING Asheville, N. C. 

S. PARHAM Asheville. R. 5 

J. D. COLLEY Leicester, N. C, R. 1 

C. E. JERVIS Asheville, N. C, R. 4 

W. T. McFALLS ....Asheville, N. C, 90 Atkinson St. 

J. H. McCURRY Asheville, N. C, R. 3 

CANEY CHAMBERS Asheville, N. C. 





Leicester, N. C, R. 1 

Fairview, N. C. 



The Association met August 4, 1914, with Zion Hill Baptist 
Church, according to adjournment last year. 

The Moderator, Elder W. N. Martin, called the body to order 
about 11 o'clock. A song was sung by the congregation. Prayer 
led by Elder J. D. Colley. Rev. C. E. Jervis, the one appointed to 
preach the introductory sermon, read for a lesson a part of the 
119th Psalm. Text, Psalm 119th chapter and 8th verse. After this 
wonderful discourse the Moderator called on Bro. F. M. McElreath 
to lead in prayer. 

At this point it was moved and seconded that the Association 
adjourn for one hour and a half, putting the time 1:30 o'clock. 

Benediction by J. H. McCurry. 


Pursuant to adjournment, the Moderator called the house to or- 
der for the purpose of its meeting. The body sang "All to Thee." 
Religious exercises conducted by Bro. W. R. Beach. 

The Moderator appointed Bro. C. E. Jervis reading clerk. 

The following church letters were read and their delegates' 
names enrolled: 

Newfound — Rev. C. E. Jervis, Bros. Jesse Frisbee, W. L. Fos- 
ter, M.J. Foster, J. L. McGee, A. W. Rymer, J. F. Ratcliff, Mrs. 
M. J. Foster, Miss Josie Frisbee. 

Round Hill — Bro. N. H. Waldrop, Miss Augusta Waldrop, Bros. 
Fred Webb, John Webb, and Matt Webb. 

Zion Hill— Bros. J. T. Rogers, D. Rymer, R. C. Morgan, J. M. 
Edwards, S. P. Jones, Levi Plemmons, W. B. Clark and Rev. J. 
D. Colley. 

Corinth— Bros. J. E. Austin, E. W. Sluder. A. B. Franklin, D. 
B. Hawkins, G. C. Austin, Revs. J. H. McCurry, W. N. Martin, 
Sisters Lena Austin, B. F. Franklin, and Delia Swaim. 

Beulah— Bros. F. M. McElreath, E. L. Stines, D.J. Plemmons, 
I. H. Plemmons, J. R. Teague, and A. Teague. 

Bear Wallow — Represented by letter only. 

At this point the Moderator announced that it was time to elect 
a permanent Moderator for the ensuing year which resulted in the 
re-election of Elder W. N. Martin. Next was the election for clerk, 
which resulted in the re-election of J. R. Teague. Elected Bro. R. 
W. Poore treasurer. Re-elected Rev. W. N. Martin historian. 

At this point the Moderator called for visiting brethren and 
Rev. W. R. Beach responded from French Broad Association and 
a representative of the Biblical Recorder and Bro. W. L. Gentry 


from Carson and Newman College. These brethren were given a 

seat in the body. 

The various committees were appointed as follows: 

State Missions — C. E. Jervis, chairman; J. D. Colley, W. B. 


Home Missions — F. M. McElreath, chairman; A. W. Rymer and 
I. H. Plemmons. 

Foreign Missions — J. H. McCurry, chairman; W.N. Martin and 
C. A. Waldrop. 

Sunday Schools — Jesse Frisbee, chairman; E. W. Sluder and J. 

G. Rymer. 

Temperance — N. H. Waldrop, chairman; R. C. Morgan and D. 
J. Plemmons. 

Periodicals — W. R. Beach, chairman; M. J. Foster. 

Education — W. J. Gilbert, chairman; W. L. Gentry and J. M. 

Orphanage — J. L. Welch, chairman; S. B. Jones, and E. L. 

Obituaries — C. A. Waldrop, chairman; J. E. Austin and Jesse 

Time and Place — A. Teague, chairman; A. W. Rymer and N. 

H. Waldrop. 

Finance — J. T. Rogers, chairman; E. W. Sluder and S. B. Jones. 

On Religious Exercises — Delegates of Zion Hill Church. 

Revised List of Ministers — I. H. Plemmons., chairman; W. B. 
Clark and N. H. Waldrop. 

Commitee on Arrangements — C. E. Jervis, chairman; D. J. 
Plemmons, and J. T. Rogers. 

Report on Arrangements — Some changes were made in the last 
year's minutes. 

Report on Religious Exercises — No meeting tonight, and Rev. 
W. R. Beach to fill the stand tomorrow at 11 o'clock. 
Motion to adjourn till 9:30 tomorrow. 
Benediction by W. L. Gentry. 


The Association reassembled according to adjournment. The 
congregation sang "Jesus, Lover of My Soul." Prayer led by El- 
der Caney Chambers. 

The Moderator called the house to order for the transaction of 
business. Minutes read and adopted. Called for other letters and 
Corinth responded with their letter. 

The Moderator called for visiting brethren and Bros. T. B. 
Early and J. M. Norris, from the Buncombe County Association, 
were welcomed to a seat in the body. 

Report on Periodicals. 

For more than fourscore years, the Biblical Recorder has tried 
to be true to its name in every particular. It has stood for every 
movement that has meant the moral or spiritual uplift of our 


It has been inspiring, edifying and helpful, unfolding and apply- 
ing Bible truths; developing denominational consciousness, loyalty, 
and efficiency; presenting the various objects of benevolence; af- 
fording an impartial and serviceable medium for the interchange of 
news, experiences and opinions; magnifying the office of pastor 
and rallying his people around him in the Lord's work. 

Every pastor should unceasingly work to the end that every 
family be a subscriber. Every member should co-operate heartily 
and a great campaign should be waged to more than double the 
circulation, that our people may be better informed, inspired and 
helped. At present we have only about fifteen thousand subscrib- 
ers, which means that one family in six, among the North Carolina 
Baptists, read our organ. It can never reach its greatest usefulness 
until more widely circulated and read by our people. 

REV. W. R. BEACH, Chairman. 

After being ably discussed by Bros. W. R. Beach, J. D. Colley, 
C. E. Jervis and W. N. Martin this report was adopted. 

The time having arrived for preaching, Elder W. R. Beach took 
the stand. Read for a lesson a part of the first chapter of Romans. 
Took for a text Romans, 1st chapter and 16th verse. After a won- 
derful sermon, the Moderator called for visiting brethren and Bro. 
John L. Welch was invited to a seat in the body from the Bun- 
combe County Association. 

Motion to adjourn till 1:30 o'clock. 

Benediction by J. H. McCurry. 

Dinner was spread in abundance by the good citizens of Zion 
Hill Baptist Church. 


Singing by the Zion Hill choir. Prayer by Elder J. H. McCurry. 
Moderator called the house to order for the transaction of busi- 

Report on Education. 

Education in its complete sense means the three-fold develop- 
ment of man: body, mind, and spirit. It is the state's province to 
develop body and mind and train our young people for the duties 
of citizenship, but spiritual culture must necessarily be left largely 
to our denominational schools. Our forefathers, recognizing this 
fact early in our history, began to establish and maintain our 
church schools. 

In fact, the Church has always maintained schools. The Bap- 
tists have always stood for education. While they have always 
been friendly to the state schools and have patronized them and 
joyfully helped to maintain them, yet realizing that the work of the 
Church could best be promulgated by an educational leadership, 
they have established a system of schools throughout our country 
which have been a great blessing to the denomination and the coun- 
try in general. 

From these schools young men and women have come forth 
and entered the different professions and proved a blessing to our 



country and an inspiration to all with whom they have associated. 

This is the day of progress. Great strides are being made in 
every profession of life. The state is turning a great oprtion of her 
revenue into the equipment and maintenance of her public schools. 
For this we are thankful. But the need for our denominational 
school is as great today as ever before. 

They need our sympathy, means, prayers and patronage. We 
have in our own vicinity and state, schools for which we should be 
thankful, and to which we can point with pride. 

We recommend to our people Mars Hill College. It has a his- 
tory of which we are proud. Its greatest assets are the hundreds 
of young people that have gone out from its walls to bless the 
people with whom they have labored. We also recommend Wake 
Forest and Meredith to all young men and women seeking a 
higher education, as secured to have in all this country. 

" W. J. GILBERT, Chairman. 

This report being ably discussed by Bros. W. L. Gentry and 
C. E. Jervis, the report was adopted. 

Motion to suspend the regular order of business and in the place 
of State Missions take up Orphanage. 

Report on Orphanage, 

The Baptist Orphanage' at Thomasville was organized about 
twenty-nine years ago, and since that time it has been a recognized 
feature of our denominational work. Since that time we suppose 
there have been enrolled about 1,500 children, and for some time 
the yearly enrollment has been about 400. 

During recent years needed new buildings have been erected 
which have improved the conditions wonderfully, and have told in 
the health and growth of the children. 

We understand that the health record of the Orphanage is good, 
and that sanitary conditions have been improved, making the sur- 
roundings as healthful as is probably possible. 

Good work is being done in the school. Some of the children 
enter higher schools and make good, while others secure positions 
and render good service. 

The children are being trained along several lines of industrial 
work, preparing them to be useful and skillful in the service of the 

Of course religious training is not forgotten. It is the purpose 
of those in charge to lead the children to Christ as soon as they are 
old enough to understand His claims upon them and their need of 

The cost of supporting a child there is something slightly more 
than eight dollars per month, and we believe that the churches in 
this Association ought to assume the support of two children, and 
actually raise that amount each month. We feel that this would be 
as little as we could afford to set as the mark, and that, if we try, 
we can do it. 

Let us have special collections for the Orphanage on or about 


Thanksgiving Day, and gladden the hearts of those orphan children 
by gifts from large hearts and deep spiritual lives. 

Brethren, the time has come when we should cease making re- 
ports, long and enthusiastic speeches, and shedding tears about the 
orphans unless we do something for them commensurate with our 

By subscribing for Charity and Children, and by paying for it, 
we can bring ourselves in touch with the work, and feel a deeper 
practical interest in it. 

Respectfully submitted, 

JOHN L. WELCH, Chairman. 

After some good remarks by Bros. John L. Welch, J. D. Colley 
and A. W. Rymer, the report was adopted. 

Report on State Missions. 

One of the objects of this Association is to co-operate with the 
State Board of Missions in its work over our State. 

In Eastern North Carolina there are many sections where there 
is very little Baptist preaching. Some counties are almost entirely 
destitute of the preaching of the Word. 

While the churches in the east are developed in a higher degree 
than are the western churches along the lines of denominational 
work, that section has been evangelized in a far less degree than 
our own part of the State. 

Cotton mills and other industrial enterprises are being erected 
with wonderful rapidity, and the number of people flocking contin- 
ually to them has been in most places too large for the local 
churches to deal with the problems thus presented with the effi- 
ciency required without help. 

Towns have rapidly grown in many places, and the demands 
of the times have called for more efficient men and methods than 
were formerly employed. 

The churches in the west are undeveloped along the lines of 
denominational activities. They pay their pastors poorly in many 
places, and meagerly support missions and the Orphanage. 

Our State Mission Board is laboring to meet these conditions 
and solve them in a way that will advance Christ's Kingdom. 

It places efficient men on strategic fields, supplements salaries 
and by institutes is seeking to arouse our western churches to a 
knowledge of their duties and to reveal to them their real strength. 

Hitherto our Association has done very little for State Missions. 
We feel that during the coming year, if we are spared to live, we 
should advance along this line. 

C. E. JERVIS, Chairman. 

After some interesting talks by Bros. C. E. Jervis and J. D. 
Colicy, the report was adopted. 

Motion made and seconded to adjourn till 9:30. 

Committee on Religious Exercises report no services tonight, 
preaching tomorrow by Elder C. E. Jervis at 11 o'clock. 

Dismissed by Elder Caney Chambers. 



Reassembled according to adjournment. 

Singing by the congregation, "I Must Tell Jesus." Prayer led 
by Bro. R. C. Morgan. The Moderator called the house to order 
for the transaction of business. Called for visiting brethren; there 
was no response. 

Called for letters from other churches, but there were no letters 

Report on Home Missions. 

We, your Committee on Home Missions, beg to submit the fol- 
lowing report: 

We concede that there is a great responsibility resting on us as a 
Missionary Baptist of the South. 

Each year there are hundreds of foreigners landing on our 
shores. The only thing we can do is to meet them on the shore with 
open Bibles, and be prepared to teach them the pure and undefiled 
religion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

F. M. McELREATH, Chairman. 

Speeches made by Elders C. E. Jervis and W. N. Martin. 

Report adopted. 

Report on Foreign Missions. 

The Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention 
is supporting missions in Africa, South America, China, Japan, 
Mexico, and Italy. 

Last year we had in the Foreign Field 278 Missionaries, 380 
churches, 5,252 baptisms, 542 Sunday Schools, 22,022 pupils in 
Sunday school, and an aggregate membership of 29,991. 

These members contributed for church purposes $91,159.69, be- 
ing more than $3.00 per member. These people just out of dark- 
ness and heathenism in their gifts put money of our churches in 
an enlightened land to shame. 

The convention of 1913 placed the goal for Foreign Missions at 
$646,500, but we paid only $587,458.97, leaving a debt of $68,000 on 
the work. 

In spite of this debt our churches paid $44,000 more than last 
year in face of financial distress and bad crop conditions in several 

This amount of money was handled by the Board at a cost of 
21 cents on the dollar. Three cents of this was interest on borrow- 
ed money. 

If our churches were more prompt in heeding the calls of the 
Board for funds, we would save a large amount paid as interest on 
borrowed money. 

During the year just passed we paid for this purpose the 
amount of $15,867.91. 

Our Foreign Mission Board requests that each church have a 
strong Missionary Committee that will canvass the entire member- 
ship, and try to induce each member to pay a certain amount each 
week for this cause. 


Our churches in this association should feel a renewed interest in 
this work, because God has laid His hand upon a young man al- 
most from our own bounds, and has placed him in the great Foreign 
Field to preach repentance and faith unto the nations beyond 
the seas. 

Let us remember that Bro. J. B. Hipps is in Shanghai doing his 
part to carry out the great commission. Let us do our part. 
Respectfully submitted, 

J H. McCURRY, Chairman. 

After being ably discussed, by J. H. McCurry, J. D. Colley, R. 
C. Morgan, C. E. Jervis, and W. A. Martin, the report was adopted 

The time having arrived for preaching, the congregation sang a 
hymn. After which Elder C. E. Jervis, the one appointed to 
preach to-day took the stand. 

Read, for a lesson, a part of the 26th chapter of the Acts. The 
congregation rested from their seats and sang "Nearer My God To 
Thee;" after which prayer was led by Bro. D. J. Plemmons. Then 
Bro. Jervis took for a text 29th verse of the 26th chapter of the 
Acts. After a most spiritual sermon, full of Gospel truths and doc- 
trines, Bro. J. M. Edwards led in prayer. Moved and seconded to 
adjourn till 1 o'clock. Dismissed by Bro. D. J. Plemmons. 

Dinner was spread in abundance by the .good sisters and people 
of New Found. 


Singing by some of the brethren and sisters: "We'll Work 
Till Jesus Comes" and "How Firm A Foundation." 

Prayer led by Bro. W. B. Clark. After which the Moderator 
called the house to order for the transaction of business. 

Moved and seconded that we appoint a missionary in the bounds 
of the West Buncombe Association. Moved and seconded to elect a 
missionary by acclamation. Moved and seconded that Bro. J. D. 
Colley be the missionary. J. D. Colley was unaminously elected. 
Moved and seconded that Bro. Colley work under the direction of 
the Executive Board. 

R. W. Poore, N. H. Waldrop, and E. W. Sluder compose the 
executive Board; these were elected for another year. 

Report on Temperance. 

We your committee on Temperance, wish tq submit the follow- 
ing report: We are proud of the privilege of living in a prohibition 
state, but sorry of the inflow of strong drink which comes from 
our neighboring states. 

We feel that there is a great work, yet, upon the church to stop 
this curse from our land, and our idea is "National Prohibition." 

This can be done by helping our neighbor states, one by one, win 
the victory. We ask this body to work and pray to this end, we 
also ask for right thinking in this body in placing the law-making 
bodies in power. 

N. H. WALDROP, Chairman. 


Remarks by N. H. Waldrop, W. A. Martin, J. D. Colley, J. H. 
McCurry, and C. E. Jervis. 
Report adopted. 

Report on Sunday Schools. 

It is believed that our Sunday schools are among the best in 
the state, also we have a good Sunday School Convention organized 
therefore it is not necessary to discuss this subject at length. We 
hope that our Sunday schools will co-operate and send a strong 

We are against any move to unite our churches with inter- 
national convention. We think we are strong enough to run a 
convention among ourselves. 

We are in favor of the Southern Baptist preparation of lierature 
because they separate themselves from the interdenominational 
work, and we think their literature is clear and wholesome for our 
children to study. 

We approve the method of our clerk regarding the statistical 
Sunday school table, and we hope it will be continued. 

Some remarks made by W T . A. Martin. 

Report was adopted. 

Report of Committee on Finance. 

We your Committee on Finance submit the following report on 

minute money: 

New Found $7.00 

Zion Hill 6.35 

Beulah 4.80 

Corinth 2.75 

Round Hill 2.10 

Bear Wallow 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. T. ROGERS, Chairman. 

The Association made a move to allow the clerk five ($5.00) 
dollars for his trouble of having the minutes printed. There was 
no objection to that move. 

Report on Time and Place. 

Your committee submit to the body that the West Buncombe 
Association meet with Corinth Baptist Church on Tuesday before 
the second Sunday in August, 1915. 

Introductory Sermon by T. D. Lanning, alternate W. N. Martin. 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Association be tendered to the 
Zion Hill Church and surrounding community for the hospitable 
manner in which they have entertained the delegates and visitors 
during this session. 

Resolved, That the thanks of the Association be tendered to the 
Moderator and Clerk for their efficient services during this session. 


Report on Obituaries. 

From New Found: — Mrs. Linie Clark professed faith in Christ 
at Old New Found about 18 years ago. She died in Asheville July 
15th, 1914. 

Bro. V. E. Wilson was a member of the New Found Baptist 
Church. Died in South Carolina about the 1st of April, 1914. He 
lived a good Christian and firm believer in the faith. 

From Round Hill: — Rev. A. C. Edwards was born in South 
Carolina March 7, 1830. He was a member of the Baptist Church 
about 45 years. 

Bro. Edwards died May 21, 1914, at the age of about 84. He 
raised a nice family. Had one daughter in China as a missionary 
in that field. 

He was a faithful member of our church in the ministry of the 

From Corinth: — Bro. R. H. Austin was born June 16, 1886 and 
died March 20, 1914. He has been a member of the church about 
6 years. Fie was a faithful worker and a young man of many 
friends. He first professed faith in Christ at Beulah Baptist 
church. Was baptised into full fellowship. But moved his letter 
to Corinth Baptist church. 

Report adopted. 

Historians Report. 

Our Associational report is just about the same as last year, 
except four deaths. One Rev. A. C. Edwards, the other R. H. 
Austin . 

But our Association, while it is not gaining in churches, it is 
gaining in its strength in every department of its work. 

W. A. MARTIN, Historian. 

Report adopted. 

Moved and seconded that the Association take pledges from 
the churches for th# Orphanage, Home Missions, etc. 


Home Foreign 
Orphanage Missions Missions 

New Found $20.00 $5.00 $10.00 

Zion Hill 5.00 2.00 5.00 

Corinth 5.00 

Beulah 5.00 

Round Hill 2.00 » 1.00 

Programme for the Sunday School Convention of West Buncombe 
Baptist Association. 

To be held with New Found Baptist Church on Friday and 
Saturday before the last Sunday in July, 1915. 


10:00 a. m.— Devotional exercises, by Rev. J. H. McCurry. 


10:30 a. m. — Organization and Appointment of Committees. 
10:45 a. m. — The Importance of the Teachers' Training Course, and 

its Adaptability to Our Needs — Rev. W. N. Martin. 


11:15 a. m. — Should the Sunday School be altogether under the 

direction of the church? — Bro. E. W. Sluder. 
12:00 m. — Dinner on the ground. 
1:00 p. m. — How the Home Department may help our Sunday 

Schools.— Opened by R. C. 'Morgan. — Paper by 

Mrs. C. B. Hayes. 
1:45 p. m.— Would class organization help in rural Sunday school 

work? — A. W. Rymer, J. T. Rogers. 
2:30 p. m. — How can we induce our older members to attend 

Sunday school?— Rev. J. D. Colley, Rev. J. H. 


3:15 p. m. — What advantages may a church expect from a live 
Sunday school? — Rev. T. D. Lanning, Jesse Frisbee. 
4:00 p. m. — Adjourn until Saturday at 9:00 a. m. 


9:00 a. m. — Devotional Exercises by Rev. W. T. McFalls. 

9:30 a. m. — Reading of the letters from the Sunday schools and 

remarks from speakers from each school concern- 
ing the work of the year. 
10:15 a. m. — The Importance of Doctrinal Teaching in the Sunday 

school — Rev. T. D. Lanning, Rev. J. H. McCurry. 
11:00 a. m.— Sermon by Rev. W.N. Martin. 
12:00 m. — Dinner on the ground. 
1:00 p. m. — How can we make our music serve the best possible 

ends?— R. W. Poore. 
1:45 p. m. — The evil effects of missing Sunday school sessions 

occasinally — E. W. Sluder, W. B^ Clark. 
2:30 p. m. — How to teach the primary cliass — Misses Estelle 

Morgan and Myrtle McGee. 
3:15 p. m. — How to interest the big boy in Sunday school — J. H. 


4:00 p. m. — Report of Committee on Time and Place. 
4:15 p. m. — Adjournment. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Motion to adjourn until next Association to meet at Corinth 
Baptist Church on Tuesday before the second Sunday in August 

Thus ended another good Association. 

May the Great Creator permit us all to meet again, this side of 
the Great Judgment Day. 

Benediction by Rev. J. H. McCurry. ' 

REV. W. N. MARTIN, Moderator. 

J. R. TEAGUE, Clerk. 


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